Mt M

Relay Teams

Overall Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Overall Fastest Time: 1:42:11 | Median Time: 2:52:25 | Slowest Time: 3:51:52

Place Name Time Division Division Place
1st Silly Goats Gruff 1:42:11 Male Relay Team 1st
2nd Scrotumoetai 2:01:59 Male Relay Team 2nd
3rd Mountain Seals 2:07:21 Mixed Relay Team 1st
4th Team Burgess 2:09:46 Male Relay Team 3rd
5th Mighty McConnells 2:11:02 Female Relay Team 1st
6th Conmeys 2:14:19 Mixed Relay Team 2nd
7th Easier said than run 2:23:30 Female Relay Team 2nd
8th Cooney Lees Morgan 2:23:55 Mixed Relay Team 3rd
9th TA Mutu 2:28:48 Male Relay Team 4th
10th Gweat Ones 2:29:12 Male Relay Team 1st
11th Primal Potential & The Kaimai Cats 2:31:55 Mixed Relay Team 4th
12th TES Red 2:33:52 Mixed Relay Team 5th
13th 3Ms 2:36:18 Male Relay Team 5th
14th Loodicrous Racing 2:37:08 Mixed Relay Team 6th
15th Lamian 2:37:47 Female Relay Team 3rd