Mt M

Relay Teams

Overall Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Overall Fastest Time: 1:53:19 | Median Time: 2:41:08 | Slowest Time: 3:41:05

Place Name Time Division Division Place
1st NZ Refs Black 1:53:19 Male Relay Team 1st
2nd NZ Refs Red 1:56:07 Male Relay Team 2nd
3rd NZ Refs Blue 2:03:41 Male Relay Team 3rd
4th Nudgers 2:05:27 Female Relay Team 1st
5th Mount Brewing Co 2:07:12 Male Relay Team 4th
6th Team McConnell 2:08:01 Mixed Relay Team 1st
7th The Crazy bunch 2:09:50 Female Relay Team 2nd
8th Hungover Salmon Co. 2:16:45 Male Relay Team 5th
9th Team Stegosaurus 2:19:42 Mixed Relay Team 2nd
10th Manfred munch 2:20:46 Mixed Relay Team 3rd
11th Mighty Marks Force 2:22:37 Mixed Relay Team 4th
12th Mauao Movers and groovers 2:23:04 Mixed Relay Team 5th
13th Who's Idea Was This 2:23:57 Mixed Relay Team 6th
14th Premature Acceleration 2:24:41 Mixed Relay Team 7th
15th Davies and the Back Bears 2:26:19 Female Relay Team 3rd