Mt M

Relay Teams

Female Relay Team Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female Relay Team Fastest Time: 2:05:27 | Median Time: 2:52:38 | Slowest Time: 3:41:05

Female Relay Team Name Time Gender Place Overall Place
1st Nudgers 2:05:27 1st 4th
2nd The Crazy bunch 2:09:50 2nd 7th
3rd Davies and the Back Bears 2:26:19 3rd 15th
4th Sweat Team 2:27:06 4th 16th
5th Remind me why we entered this 2:34:26 5th 17th
6th Wahine Toa 2:41:08 6th 22nd
7th Fusion Fit Chicks 2:48:32 7th 25th
8th Aleena Kawe 3:03:55 8th 30th
9th The Pink Girls 3:26:29 9th 33rd
10th Knackered Kidneys 3:27:04 10th 34th
11th Too inspired to be tired 3:40:20 11th 36th
12th Making Strides 3:41:05 12th 37th