Karapoti Classic
Karapoti Park

50k Solo overall combined

Overall Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Overall Fastest Time: 2:18:05 | Median Time: 3:53:40 | Slowest Time: 5:51:57

Place Name Time Division Division Place
1st Edwin Crossling 2:18:05 Pro/Elite Men 1st
2nd Kyle Ward 2:20:08 Pro/Elite Men 2nd
3rd Brendon Sharratt 2:22:18 Pro/Elite Men 3rd
4th Cameron Jones 2:29:38 Pro/Elite Men 4th
5th Callum Kennedy 2:31:39 Pro/Elite Men 5th
6th Jack Compton 2:34:16 Pro/Elite Men 6th
7th Max Beckert 2:38:09 Pro/Elite Men 7th
8th Garth Weinberg 2:40:59 50k Single Speed 1st
9th Quinton Lymbery 2:41:13 50k Single Speed 2nd
10th Stephen Butler 2:42:41 Pro/Elite Men 8th
11th Mel Hansen 2:43:39 Ex M50 to 59 1st
12th Nick Kennedy 2:43:57 50k Single Speed 3rd
13th Trevor Woodward 2:46:05 Ex M50 to 60 2nd
14th Gavin Wheelworks 2:46:23 Ex M30 to 39 1st
15th Wayne Hiscock 2:47:29 Ex M 40 to 49 1st