Grand Traverse

Multisport - Teams

Overall Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Overall Fastest Time: 3:59:54 | Median Time: 4:53:15 | Slowest Time: 6:03:47

Place Name Time Division Division Place
1st Team Smoko 3:59:54 Open Men 1st
2nd In With A Sniff 4:07:16 Open Men 2nd
3rd Alsop & Simpson 4:19:34 Open Men 3rd
4th Miramar Power Rangers 4:27:47 Masters Men 1st
5th Afterparty 4:29:19 Mixed Team 1st
6th Peckaheads 4:32:53 Open Men 4th
7th Aoraki Gold 4:36:13 Open Men 5th
8th Last Survivors Of The Nostromo 5:02:47 Masters Men 2nd
9th Newland Bros 5:07:55 Masters Men 3rd
10th Lightning Gods 5:16:09 Open Men 6th
11th Pack & Pedal Porirua 5:17:21 Masters Men 4th
12th Team Waterford 5:19:16 Masters Men 5th
13th Aoraki Butt 5:45:21 Open Men 7th
14th The Wet Exits 6:03:47 Mixed Team 2nd