Tough Kid

Years 3 and 4 Girls Teams

Overall Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Place Name Place
1st St John's Hill Y3G 43 pts
2nd Churton Y3G 93 pts
3rd Westmere Y3G 99 pts
4th Kaitoke Y3G 215 pts
5th Gonville Y3G 241 pts
6th Carlton Y3G 266 pts
7th Durie Hill Y3G 267 pts
8th Upokongaro Y3G 318 pts
9th Brunswick Y3G 350 pts
10th Keith Street Y3G 368 pts
11th Mosston Y3G 386 pts
12th St Anne's Y3G 389 pts
13th Castlecliff Y3G 406 pts
14th St Marys Y3G 430 pts
15th Kai Iwi Y3G 473 pts