City to Surf
Tauranga - Mount Maunganui

City to Surf - Run

Male Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Male Fastest Time: 36:52 | Median Time: 1:03:18 | Slowest Time: 2:09:47

Male Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Ben Ruthe 36:52 1st 1st
2nd Kyle MacDonald 37:03 2nd 2nd
3rd Rick Buchanan 37:33 3rd 3rd
4th Luke Longdill 38:14 4th 4th
5th Karl Shearman 38:52 1st 5th
6th Matt Parsonage 40:09 5th 6th
7th Chris Myland 40:30 1st 7th
8th Russell Lake 41:27 2nd 9th
9th Tony Chudley 42:11 1st 10th
10th Stephen Blair 42:26 3rd 11th
11th Mark Rawlinson 42:37 6th 12th
12th Javahn Kennedy 42:37 1st 13th
13th Jamie Regan 43:00 7th 14th
14th Tim Neate 43:34 1st 15th
15th Bobby Dean 44:07 8th 16th