City to Surf
Tauranga - Mount Maunganui

Surf to Surf - Run

Female 16 and under Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female 16 and under Fastest Time: 23:04 | Median Time: 32:14 | Slowest Time: 42:19

Female 16 and under Name Time Gender Place Overall Place
1st Cassidy Wenmoth 23:04 2nd 7th
2nd Bonnie Lowe 26:22 5th 24th
3rd Hattie Fraser 26:34 7th 26th
4th Mackenzie Harris 29:19 18th 56th
5th Taylia Hill 30:18 25th 71st
6th Ella Lawry 30:44 27th 75th
7th Laura Yeoman 30:46 28th 76th
8th Hannah Chapman 31:08 37th 86th
9th Molly Currag 31:08 38th 87th
10th Isabella Lee 31:30 43rd 93rd
11th Alessia Trebbi-Tindasll 31:50 46th 97th
12th Zoe Kirtley 33:06 55th 110th
13th Jemma Day 33:47 62nd 117th
14th Kirsten Tanner 35:50 78th 135th
15th Michele Norma 38:13 89th 147th