City to Surf
Tauranga - Mount Maunganui

Surf to Surf - Walk

Male Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Male Fastest Time: 1:12:38 | Median Time: 1:41:20 | Slowest Time: 2:09:46

Male Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st John Wesseling 1:12:38 1st 1st
2nd Michael Young 1:14:01 1st 3rd
3rd Martin Thorpe 1:15:34 1st 4th
4th Chris Bryan 1:16:44 2nd 6th
5th Chris Smith 1:16:57 1st 7th
6th James Morgan 1:17:10 3rd 8th
7th Ian Young 1:19:23 2nd 9th
8th Len Watson 1:20:34 1st 11th
9th Stephen Wills 1:22:54 2nd 14th
10th Kevin Jamieson 1:24:29 2nd 16th
11th Allan Rudkin 1:25:19 4th 17th
12th Roger Rimmer 1:27:23 3rd 20th
13th Rinus Adriaansz 1:27:23 4th 21st
14th Trevor Martin 1:28:13 1st 23rd
15th Rod Aikin 1:28:23 3rd 24th