City to Surf
Tauranga - Mount Maunganui

Half Marathon - Run

Female Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female Fastest Time: 1:27:06 | Median Time: 2:25:59 | Slowest Time: 3:36:23

Female Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Hannah Oldroyd 1:27:06 1st 2nd
2nd Steph Everson 1:39:35 2nd 12th
3rd Baiba Muzikante 1:42:38 3rd 18th
4th Nicola McCormick 1:44:36 4th 27th
5th Abby Higgs 1:44:59 5th 28th
6th Rebecca Swainson 1:45:49 6th 29th
7th Anita Chan 1:48:58 7th 38th
8th Marie Sorrell 1:49:22 8th 40th
9th Lenora Lui 1:51:13 9th 46th
10th Simonne Leo 1:51:42 10th 47th
11th Kate McManaway 1:51:51 1st 49th
12th Kylene Schlebusch 1:53:37 1st 53rd
13th Stephanie Sanden 1:54:08 2nd 56th
14th Briony Barclay 1:55:31 1st 64th
15th Kirsty Thorne 1:56:14 11th 65th