City to Surf
Tauranga - Mount Maunganui

City to Surf - Run

F 20-34 Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

F 20-34 Fastest Time: 43:28 | Median Time: 1:20:52 | Slowest Time: 2:40:56

F 20-34 Name Time Gender Place Overall Place
1st Sarah Gardner 43:28 1st 5th
2nd Alison Wilson 45:43 2nd 14th
3rd Morgan Ball 48:24 4th 24th
4th Mickaela Healy 51:41 6th 39th
5th Mel Reid 53:05 8th 44th
6th Phoebe De Jong 53:08 9th 45th
7th Lauren Boyd 53:12 10th 47th
8th Jessica Newlands 53:31 11th 51st
9th Sarah Nelson 53:49 12th 52nd
10th Lucy Montgomerie 54:12 14th 59th
11th Anna McMullen 56:20 16th 73rd
12th Caitlin Renouf 56:23 17th 75th
13th Katja Matthews 56:39 18th 79th
14th Hollie Ellis 56:57 20th 83rd
15th Rebecca Casey 58:57 23rd 98th