Linton MC
Palmerston North

12k - Two Laps (individual Mat to Mat times)

Female Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female Fastest Time: 1:08:21.45 | Median Time: 1:39:51 | Slowest Time: 2:19:55.50

Female Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Lizzie Wesleysmith 1:06:34.95 1st 30th
2nd Emma Roch 1:12:46.00 2nd 63rd
3rd Sierra Sparksman 1:13:13.50 3rd 67th
4th Ewa Crazychick 1:14:45.75 4th 71st
5th Leah Adams 1:16:06.15 5th 83rd
6th Lee Tiley 1:16:38.00 6th 95th
7th Keryn Scrimshaw 1:16:44.65 7th 97th
8th Nicole Mace 1:17:19.05 8th 108th
9th Nina Jaine 1:18:23.55 9th 117th
10th Lucy Townend 1:18:13.30 10th 121st
11th Kate Jordan 1:18:43.80 11th 122nd
12th Brigid Glasgow 1:20:07.80 12th 136th
13th Margaret Leyland 1:20:18.80 13th 138th
14th Danielle Le Lievre 1:21:46.80 14th 142nd
15th Jenny Smith 1:22:27.90 15th 150th