Ngaruawahia - Day 1
Christian Youth Camp

12k - Two Laps (individual Mat to Mat times)

Female Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female Fastest Time: 1:13:10 | Median Time: 1:41:21 | Slowest Time: 2:02:18

Female Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Sarah Smith 1:13:06 1st 10th
2nd Holly Odgers 1:16:22 1st 15th
3rd Romelia Goodin 1:18:06 2nd 18th
4th Jeanette McKinnon 1:20:04 3rd 19th
5th Tennille Snooks 1:22:09 4th 21st
6th Ellie Broadbridge 1:29:47 5th 23rd
7th Allysia Kraakman 1:36:23 2nd 32nd
8th Rachel Parker 1:49:44 3rd 36th
9th Kim Russell 1:50:35 4th 37th
10th Aurelia Wicky 1:51:43 5th 39th
11th Michelle Carrington 1:51:44 6th 40th
12th Emma Paikau 1:51:53 7th 42nd
13th Cheyenne Murcott 1:51:54 8th 43rd
14th Tammy Deane 1:56:44 9th 47th
15th Savanna Eva 1:56:45 10th 48th