Ngaruawahia - Day 1
Christian Youth Camp

6k (individual Mat to Mat times)

M 0-39 Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

M 0-39 Fastest Time: 27:25 | Median Time: 1:07:46 | Slowest Time: 2:18:14

M 0-39 Name Time Gender Place Overall Place
1st Lance Healey 27:23 1st 1st
2nd Brownboy Hopkins 32:43 2nd 2nd
3rd Robert Barker 34:07 4th 5th
4th David Hartmann 35:05 5th 6th
5th Casey Giberson 36:23 7th 8th
6th Adam Purcell 36:48 8th 9th
7th Brooke Daisley 37:17 9th 10th
8th Sam Hilbers 37:23 10th 11th
9th Harry Dixon 37:31 11th 12th
10th Chas Miller 37:37 12th 13th
11th Aaron Hurley 38:27 13th 14th
12th Richard Baker 38:29 14th 15th
13th Jaime Skiffington 38:42 16th 17th
14th Scott Wilson 39:03 17th 18th
15th Cody Hall 39:06 18th 19th