Redwoods Forest Relay

Composite-Corporate Teams

Mixed Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Mixed Fastest Time: 1:46:28 | Median Time: 2:17:02 | Slowest Time: 2:54:00

Mixed Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Whakatane Athletic & Harriers CO1 1:46:28 1st 1st
2nd Cambridge Harriers CO1 1:52:39 2nd 2nd
3rd Calliope CO2 2:02:52 3rd 3rd
4th Calliope CO1 2:03:35 4th 4th
1st PJM Building CO1 2:05:31 5th 5th
5th Calliope CO4 2:06:48 6th 6th
6th Calliope CO3 2:07:31 7th 7th
2nd Taupo Harriers CO1 2:09:23 8th 8th
3rd Whakatane Athletic & Harriers CO2 2:12:39 9th 9th
7th Lake City Athletic CO1 2:18:59 10th 10th
4th Jogging The Powerpoles ASSA CO2 2:43:06 11th 11th
5th Jogging The Powerpoles RACH CO3 2:47:10 12th 12th
6th Jogging The Powerpoles COFA CO1 2:47:52 13th 13th
7th Whakatane Athletic & Harriers CO3 2:54:00 14th 14th