Lakes Ranch

Moa NZ Tough Guy and Gal Championship

Female Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female Fastest Time: 1:12:10 | Median Time: 1:32:54 | Slowest Time: 1:48:34

Female Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Debbie Donald 1:12:10 1st 11th
2nd Melanie Stowell 1:22:48 1st 27th
3rd Sian Bester 1:24:05 2nd 29th
4th Rachel Mudge 1:28:13 2nd 31st
5th Kira Watson 1:30:38 3rd 33rd
6th Jeanette McKinnon 1:31:16 3rd 34th
7th Ashley Rohloff 1:35:27 4th 35th
8th Caron Hobbs 1:40:20 4th 36th
9th Chloe McMenamin 1:44:00 5th 37th
10th Anna Lawton 1:44:26 6th 39th
11th Hanna Dimock 1:48:34 7th 40th