Lakes Ranch

6k (individual Mat to Mat times)

Female Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Female Fastest Time: 42:21 | Median Time: 1:35:47 | Slowest Time: 2:36:24

Female Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Alana Meredith 42:17 1st 22nd
2nd Adele Jonnart 42:21 2nd 25th
3rd Johanna Van Zweeden 45:19 3rd 41st
4th Shvonn Cunningham 46:50 1st 56th
5th Jessica Barnes 47:02 4th 58th
6th Sandra Cross 48:22 2nd 71st
7th Maggie Sandford 48:34 5th 73rd
8th Deb Fielding 48:39 3rd 74th
9th Lara Russell 50:04 6th 84th
10th Lisa Day 50:05 7th 85th
11th Nicole Bartie 50:32 8th 87th
12th Liz Popowski 51:05 9th 95th
13th Julia Ansorge 51:19 10th 99th
14th Kaitlyn Martin 51:33 11th 100th
15th Sarah Lord 51:55 4th 102nd