Lakes Ranch

12k - Two Laps (individual Mat to Mat times)

Male Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Male Fastest Time: 1:13:20.61 | Median Time: 1:49:20 | Slowest Time: 2:28:27.73

Male Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Blake Callesen 1:13:18.87 1st 1st
2nd Jack Ellery 1:15:02.18 2nd 2nd
3rd Archie Woodhouse 1:18:09.10 3rd 3rd
4th Finn McCleary 1:18:09.34 4th 4th
5th Christian Chesswas 1:18:58.28 5th 5th
6th Kelvin Brown 1:22:33.68 6th 7th
7th Dylan Kenny 1:23:09.31 7th 8th
8th Rakaunui Te Puni 1:24:55.99 8th 9th
9th Jaden Barry 1:25:36.34 9th 10th
10th Te Kapua Amoroa 1:25:54.67 10th 11th
11th Daniel Ingham 1:27:02.18 1st 12th
12th Dylan Lawton 1:29:24.10 11th 13th
13th Meketu Fuller 1:29:25.90 1st 14th
14th Holden Maraki 1:29:55.73 2nd 15th
15th Morehu Tangaere 1:29:58.46 12th 16th