Grand Traverse

Fun Run and Walk

Male Race Rankings and Times for Finishers

Male Fastest Time: 39:37 | Median Time: 1:18:34 | Slowest Time: 2:05:30

Male Name Time Division Place Overall Place
1st Ben Hall 39:37 1st 1st
2nd Max Kempthorne 44:10 1st 3rd
3rd Mike Butler 45:45 2nd 4th
4th David Hannagan 48:47 3rd 7th
5th Eli Price 49:59 2nd 8th
6th Jared Price 50:00 4th 9th
7th Chris Roberts 51:12 5th 11th
8th Simon Roche 51:46 6th 13th
9th Gavin Baldwin 51:55 3rd 14th
10th John Wesley-Smith 52:53 7th 15th
11th Peter Thornton 54:35 8th 16th
12th Charles Whittaker 54:47 4th 18th
13th Luke Hawinkels 55:27 5th 19th
14th Andrew Olds 56:02 9th 22nd
15th Mike Read 56:16 6th 24th